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Featured Products
25-count Truffle and Chocolates Assortment
A sweet treat with a mix of truffles, caramels, solid chocolates, bonbons and other...
Chocolate Covered Popcorn in Tub
Lots of crunchy, salty, chocolaty popcorn to share. A perfect treat combining kettle...
4-count Truffles Collection
Four truffles in both milk and dark chocolate seasonal selections.
6-count Sea Salt Caramels
Homemade caramel covered in milk or dark chocolate and dusted with sea salt. Creamy,...
Chocolate Heart Box filled with Hearts
Beautiful heart-shaped chocolate box filled with eight solid chocolate hearts. Cover...
Hazelnut and Caramel Bonbons
Six hazelnut bonbons and six caramel bonbons. Half in milk chocolate and half in...
 Wine Bottle Truffles
This special box has a loop to hang the truffles over a bottle of wine. Four truffles...
Chocolate Eiffel Tower Centerpiece
A stunning solid chocolate centerpiece for a French-inspired affair. Celebrate spring...

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